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Jhang  is the capital city of Jhang District, in the central portion of the province of Punjab, Pakistan. Situated on the east bank of the Chenab river, it is the 18th largest city of Pakistan by population. The historical name of the city and district is Jhang Sial. The locality also includes the Shrine (Darbar) of Pir Abdul Rehman (R.A) shrine of Sultan Bahu and Heer and Ranjha's Tomb.


Under the collective rule of the Sial Khans of Jhang and other Sial Sub Tribes such as the Rajbana and Bharwana, in the zenith of their power, the Sial country of Jhang extended up to the Muzafargarh boundary in the south, and the entirety of Chiniot, Kamalia and Kabirwala ilakas. The territory extended to parts of Bhakkar and Sargodha. The Garh Mahraja and Ahmadpur Sial ilakas were added to the possessions of the Rajbana Sial tribe who drove out the Baloch tribes to the Thal and defeated the Nawab of Multan by the mid 17th century